D3FC0N Las Vegas


I’ll be making my LV debut at… wait for it…. an InfoSec convention! That’s right, DEFCON30 is happening live IN PERSON this summer in Las Vegas!

For those who do not know, I work as a cybersecurity engineer by day – so this meeting of my two passions is pretty exciting for me. DEFCON is one of the longest running bastions of underground “hacker” culture, spawned by die hard security fanatics when I was still learning to walk. The environment is great, especially if you’re a nerd – everyone wants to talk and make friends, and there are an endless amount of activities and talks you can attend.

Two ways to get in:

  1. Email using this link and get a pass to the party for free, or hit me up on social media
  2. Buy a DEFCON pass for the actual convention

Entrance to the con is available in person with cash, or online here. I’ll be playing techno oriented sounds for their first After Party located at the Ceaser Forum Plaza, timeslot is 2300-2400 (11 to midnight).

Hope to see you there! Stay posted for additional details regarding venue directions and lineup.