Personal History

For Tavoo, Music was never simply “just a hobby” or passing interest to fill the silence. Starting with childhood influences born from parent’s and godfather’s tastes in obscure new wave, punk, electronic, ebm, hair metal, psychedelic metal and various other genres, to discovering new aural experiences through the internet as a young teenager – the search for new appealing sounds began very early. What began with dubbing songs off of the radio onto cassette mix-tapes as a preteen quickly evolved into searching through file sharing networks and web forums to create CD compilations to trade with friends, and eventually graduated to collecting vinyl from across the world as a young adult via the internet. Ultimately, the final musical frontier for an electronic music connoisseur was finally discovered: The Art of Mixing.

A real focus on electronic music began to develop in 2005, thanks to instant messaging, online gaming, and community web forums. The initial introduction to electronic music was a result of a friend’s custom status on an instant-messaging client, a “now playing” tag line for an internet radio station specializing in dnb. What started as a drum & bass obsession rapidly matured into a set of tastes that encompassed a plethora of different genres in the electronic music realm lending him one of the most diverse musical personalities in his circle.

Present Day

As a DJ, Tavoo’s current focus lies mainly on composing soundscapes comprised of deeper, darker, edgier, and more obscure spectrums of electronic music with specific emphasis on both drum & bass, and techno in all of its different flavors. This includes ambient, industrial, deep, acid, dub, atmospheric, minimal, etc. Although he may be a young and fresh artist, his established musical history and thirst for new sounds has enabled him to maintain a wide and deep musical palette to pull from – and one that is still ever evolving and growing. On top of his extensive musical history as an avid listener, the search for absolutely meticulous composition, innovation and improvement has been relentless from the inception of this endeavor. The end goal is to create an experience that pushes the sonic envelope, taking the listener on a stereo journey through arrangements containing varying levels of complexity and intensity that will ultimately leave a lasting impact and have them anticipating more. Whether it be on the dance floor, or at home with headphones, the end goal remains the same regardless of the environment.

Aside from developing personal skills behind the decks, there are a few projects actively in the works. Bringing people together through music has always been a fulfilling endeavor, and searching for like minded individuals with a refined taste and appreciation for music remains a perpetual expedition indefinitely. In 2019, the focus will lie mainly on building a semi-local group of artists to collaborate and steadily release a podcast-esque series on the internet showcasing DJ talent in the southwest United States (California, Arizona). Keep your eyes peeled for updates here, as the blog will be regularly updated as progress is made.