6AM Global Vibe Radio Contest

Recently, www.6am-group.com hosted a mix contest. The rules were simple – limit of 60 minutes, must be a fresh set, and must be techno. I love a challenge, so naturally I took it on and submitted a mix. My rough objective when assembling this set was to see how high i could push the energy with only 60 minutes, while also keeping the mixing as tight as possible. I’m fairly happy with the outcome, there is only one spot i would re-assess if I were to do the whole adventure again (see kas:st to fautzi).

I picked songs from some of my favorite labels at the moment, and included a throwback from my hardcore days in 2007 to finish it off at a high energy point. Labels included:

Bpitch Control
Children of Tomorrow
Delsin Records
Edit Select
FLASH Recordings
Mary Go Wild Black
Perc Trax
Phantasy Sound
Planet Rythm
Soma Records
Sonic Groove

The mix wasn’t chosen as a contest winner, but I’m happy with the result regardless. Enjoy!

Frontex Showcase

The latest mix is up: a showcase for Reddit’s own Techno sub series titled “Frontex”. Hear it first here on my personal soundcloud, the actual episode goes live in a week or so and will be updated here.

Frontex is a collective founded by members of various dance music discussion boards from around the world. They aim to push less known, talented names into the spotlight and to help DJ’s and producers get some traction among peers online. Based in the UK, Frontex sources talent from around the globe in order to chase a true underground sound. Featuring a variety of flavors – from industrial, to acid, to atmospheric and deep hypnotic techno, there is something for everyone within their series.

I aimed to create a bit of a journey with this set, starting with a slower ambient vibe, eventually moving into atmospheric sounds from Affin, slowly transitioning to an edgier Soma-esque warehouse sound, and finally finishing off with a few chart topping progressive sounds at around 131 bpm. All fresh tracks! This is my first internet release outside of my personal circle of friends, and I will be looking to push more of these out to the masses in the future to try and help generate some interest online before making a move to launch our local series. Feedback is always welcome via email, or soundcloud comment/dm.